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HackHub is an experiential recruiting platform that connects industry employers with emerging tech professionals through stimulating hackathon events. HackHub has developed user-friendly applications to help employers hire new recruits as well as help hackathon organizers run critical features of their event.

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HackHub helps employers save hours of time and effort with our recruitment service and connects them with a talent base of 5000+ verified individuals.


Students who sign up on HackHub open the door to a variety of career opportunites and are delivered first-hand knowledge on hackathons, workshops and industry trends.


HackHub provides an array of features to help hackathon organizers plan and run their events.

Why use hackhub?


HackHub’s hiring process is quick and simple! We place only the top candidates in front of you to save you time and effort.


HackHub provides great opportunities to network with industry professionals and be immersed in the tech scene.

Hackathon Support

HackHub’s hackathon app grants you features to run your hackathon as well as access to our hiring platform for ten months.


HackHub’s talent base holds 200+ skills and languages to cater to your business needs.

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