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HackHub is a talent incubation platform. By working with industry experts, companies, educational institutions and incubators, HackHub helps to reinforce both talents’ and companies’ professional growth through education programs and hackathon events.

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HackHub Features

Private Event and Data Encryption

Organizing an internal or private Hackathon? You can create an invite only hackathon with HackHub and all your information as well as submission data will all be encrypted.

Judging System

Judges have a separate interface where they can see the submissions and give a score based on the judging criteria.

QR Code Check In

Make the check-in process during your event fast and efficient by scanning a QR code.

Project Submission

Upload your Hackathon masterpiece onto HackHub as a place you can look back to in the future, as well as showing it to recruiters.

Email and SMS Announcements

Big Hackathon and have a hard time making announcements? Send announcements directly to user’s email or SMS and no one will miss out.

Manage Participants

Organize, manage and track participants like check-in, dietary restrictions, judges, etc

Slack Integration

Integrate Slack with HackHub so you can reach your mentors easier

Assign Prizes

Assign prizes to multiple teams. Whether there are mini prizes or multiple prizes or sponsored prizes, you can customize how your prize will be given.

Ronit Tiwary

Founder of NHacks

NHacks 3 is the first High school Hackathon in Michigan with over 170+ participants.

The site was beautifully designed, and all of our student hackers loved the intuitive interface when submitting their projects. I simply can't recommend HackHub enough!

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